TIME : 48 working day + 4 working day (compensative and practice training) Total 52 working day = (310 hours)
FEE : Please apply kurs@hurkus.com
LANGUAGE : Turkish


  • National borders and international scheduled or non-scheduled flights with all kinds of aircraft, a fee of passengers, cargo carrying mail, the business opportunities for all companies located in commercial air transport operations
  • International standard training for Civil Aviation: The flights planning and monitoring, including safety, the standard to manage flight operations in accordance International Civil Aviation, The planning, management, responsible for the control of flight operations experts/ flight dispatcher and trained to be International standards and have a staff trained in civil aviation.
  • This course will allow the participant to directly contribute to the safety and reliability of flight operations, and make a positive contribution to the economy and efficiency of business aviation operations. The acquired skills will improve the applicants ability to analyze and evaluate operational problems, thereby improving their judgment and decision making skills.


  • Airline staff working
  • Air Traffic Controllers/Pilots with the CPL license
  • Civil Aviation school graduates
  • Meteorology graduates
  • Those interested in this profession


  • 21 age to be taken day
  • Graduated at least from one of the pregraduate program
  • Getting at least 50 test scores or equivalent made by Presidency of Measurement,Selection and Placement (OSYM) or one of the designated English test.
  • As a result of medical examination in Aviation Medicine Centers authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, having documented a health record about not having any physical or mental illness that can be an obstacle to fulfill duties of flight operation expert, having a normal nervous system, having a visual acuity at least 6/9 with or withouth glasses, having hearing capacity sufficiently, having a normal ear,nose and throat functions.


The following subjects will be covered in this training course:
  • Civil Aviation Law (JAA/EASA/EU, ICAO)
  • Aerodynamic(Aviation indoctrination)
  • Meteorology
  • Air traffic management (ATM)
  • Navigation
  • Aeroplane performance
  • Mass (weight) and balance control
  • Flight planning
  • Transportation of dangerous goods by air
  • Communication
  • Flight monitoring / watching
  • Human Factor
  • Security (emergencies and abnormal situations)


  • 1. Flight operations expert license exam is done four times in each calendar year and exam dates, application deadlines and exam locations are announced to the public through the website of the Civil Aviation in January.
  • 2. The exams are conducted by the exam commission, represented by the Directorate General.
  • 3. Exam questions are selected from flight operations experts question banks by exam commission.
  • 4. Students are not allowed to use the training notes in the exam.
  • 5. At least 40% of exam questions are asked in English.
  • 6. 120 multiple questions are asked to the candidates in the theoretical exam and a total of 2 hours 30 minutes is given.10 written questions are asked to the candidates in practice exam and a total of 90 minutes is given.
  • 7. The candidates should get at least 70 points over 100 points,in order to be considered as a successful.
  • 8. Candidates who fail the theoretical exam are not taken to the practice exam.
  • 9. It is required to take theoretical and practical exam by the following of completion the theoretical and practical training at least within 6 months.
  • 10. Following the completion of the exam with in 6 months,it is required to do an internship from the candidates who are successful in the exam,about 30 working days in a company where the duties of flight operations experts are done.
  • 11. The candidates may take the theoretical and practical exams maximum of 4 exam terms. Theoretical and practical examinations for each period can not be combined with another period.The candidates who are not successful at the end of 4 exam period,will not be allowed to take re-examination withouth re-training from an authority which is competent to give training for those have no prior experience defined in document ICAO Doc. 7192-AN/857 PART D–3.
  • 12. The candidates who do not complete the training of flight operations expert in training institude which is authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation according to this regulation,will not be allowed to take the theoretical and practical exam.


A certificate,approved by Ministry of Transportation,Marine and Directorate General of Civil Aviation(DGCA), is awarded to participants who are successful in the end of course exam.By applying with this certificate to Civil Aviation,’’Dispatch certificate’’is possessed.This licence is valid in all countries within ICAO Doc. No.7192-AN 857 Part D-3,except America .To be valid in America, it is required to take a two-week course from FAA.   Also an approved Dangerous Goods Certificate from IATA, the Ministry of Maritime Transport and Communications,Combined Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations and the General Directorate of the Ministry of Education (for Category 10) is provided and valid International.
All Basic and/or Refresher Training will open date determined in accordance with demand.